SPP 1593 Book of Results released

The book of results of the DFG SPP 1593 is now released. The book is targeted at researchers and advanced professionals. It first describes the nature of software evolution, an overview of the specific challenges and an introduction to the case studies used in the SPP. Then it describes in multiple chapters the results of the SPP in different areas. I specifically participated in the chapters for Continuous Design Decision Support and Maintaining Security in Software Evolution.

Cover of the SPP 1593 Book of Results

Feel free to read the book. It has been published open access!

In the chapter Continuous Design Decision Support I present the application of the Model Integration Concept for design decision models. This allows to integrate design decision information with program code. Design decisions are realted to code elements. Together with the concepts of Codeling, design decisions can be appended to architectural elements, providing an integrated view on decisions, architecture, and code.

In the chapter Maintaining Security in Software Evolution I describe how to integrate Secure Information Flow (SIF) information with program code using the concepts of the MIC. The SIF information is made available as UML stereotypes in UML diagrams based on Ecore UML. It can be analyzed with corresponding validators, e.g. based on Papyrus.